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An Anniversary of Sorts : Time Passing… (Part Three)

Today, September 13th, marks the 33rd anniversary of my wife, Marianne, and I beginning to “go steady.” Since that day, twelve thousand and fifty-three days ago, our lives have become wonderfully intertwined.

Drawing heavily on God’s grace, we navigated some turbulent early days while we both learned to value “us” above our individual selves. Now, “us” seems so natural, so right, and so holy.

Throughout these many days and years, hers have been the only eyes to hold me captive, hers the only hands I’ve held in that wonderful, romantic way.

We have shared countless experiences, some joyful and some not so much, but always unfailingly together.

We have exchanged millions of words, yet I never tire of the sound of her voice.

At night, if my foot or leg happens to brush against hers in our bed, I’m drowsily aware of the consolation of her presence… and it helps me fall back to sleep.

Some fruits of our relationship – namely, three wonderful children and six (so far) delightful grandchildren – are obvious to see. Others, however, are known only to those closest to us, and still others to us alone.

What we have forged together is love, of course, but also mutual respect and trust. Each one would be impossible sans the other two.

Every moment of every day is better when shared with the woman I have loved since my youth.

Now, we’re growing old… together. I am so very grateful.

Tick – tick – tick!