The title of this blog is inspired by Jesus’ explanation of the parable of the sower as found in Luke 8:14. The “thorns” in the parable refer to the cares and concerns of the world that can often choke the spiritual life. Whenever I read this verse, I wonder if there is anyone alive who does not experience at least some thorniness. I certainly do. And so, the blog is about looking for goodness and meaning and purpose amid the cares and concerns of life.

The cover photograph, which so beautifully captures both hope and severity in nature, was taken by my very talented friend and co-worker Shelley Barber.  I am most grateful for her generosity in allowing me to use her fine photograph.

The posts you’ll find on this blog are most often inspired by my own personal experiences. Sometimes an idea will come to me in prayer, but quite often the inspiration is spontaneous and quite ordinary (e.g., something I see while taking a walk).

While I never deliberately intend to be confrontational in my posts, I certainly recognize that people might feel differently than I about some topics treated here.  Please know that I mean no offense… and that I’m honored by your willingness to thoughtfully consider my point of view.

It is possible that guest authors might contribute to this blog.  If that happens, recognition of their contribution will be clearly given.

Thank you so much for visiting!  I hope you’ll stay.

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