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“Corporations Move On”

Not too long ago, I visited the website of one of my former employers. I spent nearly twelve years of my life with that organization as a member of the management team; and, I hope that I made some small contributions during that time.

While on the website, just out of curiosity, I searched under my name and found just two rather obscure references. I had to smile.

I don’t say this to indict my former employer. In fact, I still believe it to be a very noble company, one that I am proud to have served.

I guess my point is that corporations move on. As much as we’d like to think of ourselves as irreplaceable in our jobs, it really isn’t true.

So, what lesson do I take from this?

Honestly, it’s the people that matter.

I may be a distant memory to the “organization,” but there are still people from that organization whom I consider very dear friends.

By all means, work hard for your employer; but, take special care of the people you meet on the job.

Memories are made of this!