there is another Way
neither rejection nor grand delusion
a third path
holy, often silent… sometimes torturously so

questions are permitted
even doubts

stridency, militancy… born of fear
these are the enemies
of that third and quiet Way
of immersion

pilot lights still burn
though softly

urgent moments screech
then settle into recesses of memory and history
mine… and others’
swallowed by that blessed stillness…

of the moment
that teaches everything
but for just that moment
then beckons, darkly, onward

“this little light of mine”
step by step
pages of the deeper story
relaxed and unfolded by human tears

yours… and mine

8 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Kevin Dowd

    “That blessed stillness…./ of the moment/ that teaches everything”

    “Pages of the deeper story”

    So beautifully articulated, Steve! A lot to reflect on in just a few lines. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you for the faith that is your gift out of which such meaningful words arise.

    1. sdalton43 Post author

      Kevin, since you are a gifted poet, your affirmation is especially appreciated. As you know, my three children are the real poets and songwriters in the family.


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